Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Nice Teaspoon

A week or two ago while working together to prepare dinner, my husband and I had a short conversation that made us laugh out loud then and continues to make me chuckle whenever I think about it. In fact, I believe the story of the nice teaspoon is destined to become one of my favorite family stories.

The story of the nice teaspoon is destined to become one of my favorite family stories. Here's what happened.

Setting: Our kitchen. Picture two silverware drawers, one on the side of our kitchen island near the stove (let's call it "drawer one") which holds what we call our two-dimensional silverware (a cheap set which gives literal meaning to the term "flatwear"), and the other on the opposite side of the island ("drawer two") which holds our nicer, heavier silverware.

The exchange went something like this:

Me: "I need an iced tea spoon."

He: "Okay," as he walked around the island from the drawer two side and opened drawer one.

Me: "No, I need an iced tea spoon."

He: "Oh-kay," as he grabbed a spoon from drawer one.

Me: "No, I need an iced tea spoon," as I impatiently headed towards drawer two to get it myself.

He: "You want a nicer teaspoon?" as he returned the spoon to drawer one and headed back to drawer two.

Me: "No, I want an iced tea spoon."

He: "What was wrong with the two-dimensional spoon?"

Me: "I need an iced tea spoon!"

He: "Just how nice of a spoon do you want?" sounding puzzled as he reached for a teaspoon from drawer two.

Me: "I told you, I need an iced tea spoon!" My voice got louder as I shook the iced tea spoon I  had grabbed from drawer two in front of his face.

He: "Oh, you wanted an iced tea spoon?"

Me: "That's what I've been telling you!"

He: "I thought you said you wanted a nice teaspoon!"

Me: "I just need a nice iced tea spoon."

About that time, we both realized the communication problem we were having and burst out laughing. He was positive I was asking for "a nice teaspoon." I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't just hand me "an iced tea spoon" since he had been standing next to drawer two in the first place. Why he chose a two-dimensional teaspoon from the opposite drawer I'm still not sure, but that's a confusing argument for another day.

I hope you're laughing, too, but maybe you had to be there. After it was over, we thought the conversation was hilarious and will surely tell and re-tell this family story until our memories fade. Hopefully our memories don't get any worse than our hearing.


  1. Ha, ha. As I read, I heard your request as ICE TEA spoon as you meant it, Susan. Then realized that your hubby was thinking you said NICE tea spoon. It's not a 'hearing' problem, as I see it, but more an interpretation one as men & women tend to hear the same thing differently at times. :) Now, if it had been MY hubby and the zany sense of humor he had, if he thought you'd said NICE tea spoon he would have jumped right in with "as opposed to NAUGHTY tea spoon?"

    Enjoyed your story. I have no doubt it will become one of those favorite family stories as the years go by.

    1. Love the "naughty" comment, Elf! If the situation had been reversed, that's a comment my husband might have come up with, too. We do wonder about our hearing sometimes, but now if we joke about teaspoons versus tea spoons occasionally, I still hear it my way every time! Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Yes, you definitely brought me a smile today. Family is so very precious.

    1. I totally agree, Lorelei. Glad ours made you smile!

  3. Love the story, Susan. We've had a few like that too, and it's amazing how miscommunication can happen, even when we're standing there saying what we mean and the person doesn't seem to have a hearing problem. My Dad used to say when this happens, "You don't need a hearing aid, you need an UNDERSTANDING aid." :-D The person who invents one of those could make a fortune!

    1. So true, Nancy! Your dad obviously was a very wise man! I was just happy that we didn't get angry at all (though I came close), we just couldn't figure out why the other was not getting the message and then we laughed when we finally did figure it out. Maybe patience should be a good part of that UNDERSTANDING aid!

  4. You are too funny Susan Deppner. As a woman who lives with a man who has hearing loss it is even funnier. Whenever I ask him for something, I tend to look at his ears to see if he is wearing his hearing aids, otherwise who knows what I will get. He knows I do this and we do this little face dance now....People who don't know us, think we truly are crazy and maybe we are. But we do laugh and laugh out loud. Life can be so serious and then there are other

  5. Have you been listening at My kitchen door? So funny. I have the "same" two drawers! When we ask for an ice tea spoon we call it the "18 inch spoon" ... leaves no doubt :)

  6. This is hilarious! My husband would probably have said something about a mean teaspoon. He loves to joke around. :)

  7. Oh you made me laugh Susan and made my day. This happens so much in our house, I'm the one who can't hear very well at all. It does make for some really funny stories. I'll be sure to have Fran read this as she will certainly LOL!!!

  8. I definitely laughed out loud! I love it!!! I can easily see that played out by Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

  9. I loved this story, Susan! And it certainly seems like something that could have happened at my house. I'm the one with the hearing problem and sometimes I "hear" the strangest requests. :-)
    And I live the comment above about not needing hearing aides but "understanding" aides!
    It's usually funny after the fact- but my husband will just keep speaking louder and louder if I don't seem to get it. What's really needed is clearer enunciation ...and of course, me actually WEARING my hearing aides.