Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Amazon Echo: 2015's Giddiest Gadget

Amazon Echo: Here's why I say it's this year's giddiest gadget.
Alexa, our Amazon Echo, fits right in,
on the dresser among our family photos.
If you know me well at all, you know that gadgets make me giddy. And this year's giddiest gadget ever is Alexa, my Amazon Echo. I've had mine for most of the year now and I enjoy her company more every day.

I just watched a new video demonstrating how Alexa can be used to get a family up and running in the morning. It's an adorable, Christmas-themed video that starts with Alexa waking up the parents, turning on kitchen lights and appliances, waking the children, reporting the weather, then providing the family plenty of holiday cheer.

"Alexa, put a WeMo switch and Christmas lights bundle on my shopping list."

Watch the video and you'll understand.

Note that while it may seem that I'm easily impressed, I'm both impressed and delighted when a I find a gadget that makes my life easier. And that's what Alexa does; she definitely makes my life easier. And whether playing your favorite music, giving daily sports updates, helping the kids with their homework, timing your three-minute eggs, finding the closest donut shop, or reporting traffic and the weather, she'll make your life easier, too. New skills and things to try are added to Alexa's list of talents almost weekly.

I'll make sure Santa gets a copy of my wish list. If you see the jolly old man in the meantime, be sure to ask him for an Echo of your own.

The Amazon Echo is one of Oprah's favorite things for 2015. She wants you to have one, too.

Feeling giddy yet?

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