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The Women of Duck Commander (Book Review)

Female fans of Duck Dynasty will love The Women of Duck Commander.
If you're a female fan of Duck Dynasty, you'll love the book, The Women of Duck Commander. Written by Kay, Korie, Missy, Jessica, and Lisa Robertson, it's a great peek into the real lives of the Robertson family.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. But before I elaborate, let me give you some background.

Just what is "Duck Commander" anyway - and what's this about beards? If you live on planet Earth, or at least in the United States of America, there's a close to 100 percent chance that you've heard of the popular television show, Duck Dynasty. It's the reality show that stars a group of bearded men who wear camouflage and hunt ducks, along with most other beasts of the air, earth, and sea. When these men aren't hunting, they're working in their business, called "Duck Commander," making and selling duck calls. It's a family business and, unbelievable as it may seem, the duck call business has been very, very good to the Robertson family. So has the reality show.

What makes Duck Dynasty, the TV show, so popular? First, the show is hilarious and by hilarious I mean "laugh out loud funny." Second, it's a family-oriented program. The Robertsons are a real family who truly care about each other and value their family relationships - and their faith - more than anything. No matter what trouble these guys (and sometimes the girls) get themselves into and out of in a 30-minute episode, there's always a moral to be learned then revealed around the dinner table, a scene that concludes every episode.

We all know that behind every successful man is a strong woman, and that's what the book is all about.

The Women of Duck Commander is written in sections, each with a contribution from one of the Robertson wives. Miss Kay is the matriarch of the family, wife of Phil Robertson who patented the duck call that got the company started. Korie Robertson is next, wife of third-born son, businessman, and company CEO Willie Robertson. Missy, who's married to Jase, Jessica who's married to Jep, and Lisa who's married to lesser-known oldest and beardless son Alan round out the list.

Each woman talks about how she met her future husband, shares stories about her own family, and talks about life in the limelight now that Duck Dynasty has become a true cultural phenomenon. You'll find family photos in the book, too, along with answers to the 20 questions that people ask the women most. (Not surprisingly, "Do you like the beards" tops the list.)

Besides being married to Robertson men, what do these women have in common? First, their strong Christian faith. Second, each is a very capable, very strong woman on her own right. These ladies didn't marry into a rich, successful family. The family was built first; "Duck Commander" came later. In the meantime, each woman contributed not just to the family tree but to their individual family incomes by exercising their educations as well as their God-given gifts and talents. Oh, and did I mention that all of these woman are gorgeous? That's a common factor that can't be overlooked.

So what's so great about the book?

It's honest, it's well-written, it's entertaining, and it's revealing. Since I've seen every episode of the show, I already knew a lot about the family but I learned more about not only the women, also about the men and each individual family. Written from each wife's point of view, in her own voice, the book focuses on the couples and includes both the ups and downs they've been through, real life that normal people can relate to. No silver spoons here, just humble backgrounds of a group of real people, including some with the type of conflicts that afflict far too many individuals, couples, and families these days. The difference here comes in the way the conflicts were resolved.

You don't have to be a fan of Duck Dynasty to appreciate the beauty, both inside and out, of these five women. But you'll enjoy the book more if you have seen the show. One or more of the Robertson wives is featured in each episode and I know that when I watch them in the future, I'll appreciate the Duck Dynasty wives even more because of what I've learned from the book. I'm a fan and, even if you've never seen the show but just watch the video below, I wouldn't be surprised if you become a fan of the Robertson family, too. At bare minimum, it'll pique your interest!

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Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps it Real and Stays True to her Values

Teen girls will enjoy Sadie Robertson's book Live Original.
The little girls of Duck Commander are growing up! Live Original is an absolutely delightful book written by Sadie Robertson, daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. What an inspirational young woman she is, a role model that the parent of any Christian teen girl would want their daughter to look up to. There's great advice for tween and teen girls here in this very impressive book.

I'm from Sadie's grandmother, Miss Kay's, generation and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. If you have a teenage girl in your life, consider a copy of Live Original for the next gift-giving occasion.

Quick link: Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps it Real and Stays True to her Values

More Books From the Robertson Family

I've read Phil's book, Jase's book, and Uncle Si's book so far (besides the wives' and Sadie's books) and each one is outstanding in its own way. You'll certainly get to know each of these family members better and learn what makes them tick. Very highly recommended for any "Duck Dynasty" fan, these books make excellent gifts.

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