Thursday, August 13, 2015

Win Origami Cards from Memory Cross

Origami Cards from Memory Cross
The title of this blog, Life from the Inside Out, was chosen for a reason.

I believe that the life we live on the outside is a result of what we allow into our minds and bodies. If we allow garbage in, garbage will come out. But if we feed body, soul, and spirit a healthy diet of goodness and wisdom, our lives will reflect those good things.

That applies to ourselves as adults but is so important to know and understand since, as adults, we are responsible for what goes into the minds and bodies of our little ones.

That's why I was very excited when I came across origami cards from Memory Cross. Origami cards appeal to both visual and tactile senses, engaging children immediately. Watch the video below and see if, like me, you can hardly wait to grab and unfold a card over and over, just to "feel" how it works. Kids love origami cards, too. And while they're folding and unfolding, they're being exposed to the content of the cards over and over, a positive message for their little brains to digest.

Wasn't that fun?

Memory Cross carries a variety of origami tracts and cards for adults and children or all ages, and right now they're having a contest you can enter to win a very nice set of colored pencils and a pack of 24 assorted Memory Cross Origami Doodle Cards. That's a lot of cards! They're great for your own kids, for Sunday School classes or, let's face it, to use with adults in a group setting. (Adults love to color, too!)

So, click on the banner below to enter. Then how about sharing the link with a friend? (Thank you!) After you've entered the contest, take a look around the Memory Cross store. Don't miss the custom origami wedding coasters or the Halloween tracts that kids actually like better than candy. They're awesome!

Enter to Win Doodling coloring cards for kids

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