Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Need Spinach Recipes?

Spinach Recipes - Easy Spinach Breakfast Sandwich from The Spinach Collection by Merry Citarella
I stocked up on spinach today at the grocery store after I bought a cookbook a couple of days ago, a cookbook full of amazing spinach recipes. The author is my online friend, writer and spinach lover Merry Citarella. Tonight, I fixed her Easy Breakfast Sandwiches recipe. For dinner.

The recipe is full of choices: choose the roll that you prefer, choose your cheese, and include meat if you like. I chose a multigrain ciabatta roll with sesame seeds and flaxseeds, provolone cheese slices, and Canadian bacon. It wasn't in the recipe, but I added a tomato slice, too, since this was our supper and, well, why not?

The sandwiches were filling and delicious. I chose to cook the eggs in a saute pan instead of the microwave since I was cooking for three (Daisy always gets an egg when they're on the menu) and that worked out great.

Look good? It was.

I'm looking forward to trying more of these spinach recipes. Spinach is good for you, you know, so if this recipe sounds good and if you're interested, read a more complete review of the cookbook here or go directly to Amazon, download it to your Kindle, tablet, phone, or other device, buy some delicious, fresh spinach, and enjoy!


  1. So glad you tried one Susan! Yours looks wonderful. I appreciate your test kitchen--thanks so much.

  2. My pleasure, believe me, Merry. And my husband's, too. Looking forward to trying more from the new cookbook!

  3. Dianne, you'd love the cookbook! Hope you get a chance to check it out!