Sunday, July 19, 2015

Listen to White Noise to Eliminate Distractions When Reading or Writing

Listen to white noise, such as a recording of a rainy day, to eliminate distractions when reading or writing.
The sound of raindrops on the window helps
eliminate distractions when trying to read or write.
I read an interesting article this morning called 5 Tips to Read a Book a Day Every Day. One of the tips was to listen to white noise through headphones while you're reading in order to block out distractions.

That tip was my favorite of the bunch, since I tend to be easily distracted, so I went looking for some good white noise.

There are plenty of white noise recordings to choose from on I listened to several samples and, believe me, there's a huge range of it including the simple yet annoying (to me at least) sound that the television makes when the station goes off the air for the night. (Does that still happen? I'm not sure stations actually go off the air anymore.) There are also nature sounds such as crickets chirping, brooks babbling, rain falling, ocean waves breaking, wind chimes chiming, and more.

What I finally chose is called The Sound of Summer Rain, by Joe Baker. I presume Mr. Baker recorded the rain and distant thunder one August afternoon when a line of storms was slowly passing by. At least that's the scenario that comes to mind based on my life experiences. This white noise recording is the perfect choice for me since a rainy day is my favorite time to curl up with a book and just read, read, read.

I've already added this selection to my Prime playlist so now I can say to my Amazon Echo, "Alexa, play the sound of summer rain," and she does, for free. In fact, it's playing in the background as I type this. Turns out that listening to white noise to avoid distractions is also a good idea when I'm trying to write.

The MP3 recording costs a whopping 89 cents to download. I just did that too, then added it to my little MP3 player and plan to take said player and earbuds with me when I report for jury duty tomorrow. I'm told that there's usually a lot of down time when prospective jurors await the start of a trial, so I'll take my Kindle with me, with a book I've been trying to finish, and the "white noise" of summer rain hopefully will help me keep my mind on the book while I'm in the waiting phase of performing my civic duty. Either that or it'll make me have to go pee every five minutes, though so far, so good.

As of now, I'm loving this method of using white noise to eliminate distractions and concentrate on writing. I'm sure I'll enjoy it to help me concentrate on reading, too. If you'd like to try this tip, I recommend starting with The Sound of Summer Rain which you can find by clicking the link. Happy reading. And writing. And listening!

P.S. July 29th is Rain Day, a day to appreciate and celebrate rain. If it's raining where you are, go dance in it. If it isn't, download The Sound of Summer Rain and dance anyway!


  1. I don't think I'd like to listen to white noise - or any noise - when I'm reading a book. I need peace and quite and no interruptions!

    1. Good point, Bill! When I get totally engrossed in a book, I don't hear anything anyway. But sometimes, when there are distractions around and I'm having a hard time concentrating, the white noise (raindrops and distant thunderstorm sounds) becomes my peace and actually even my quiet by taking the place of the distractions. It doesn't exactly make sense, but it works for me! Appreciate your visit, and thanks so much for the comment!

  2. I may listen to white if I am meditating but not while reading or writing.

    1. Sound like a good time for white noise. Bet it's nice to meditate during a gentle rain. I know that I really love that sound.

  3. Not sure it would help me - I listen to "Rain in the Woods" to get to, and stay, asleep at night. Wouldn't do to fall asleep on my keyboard!