Monday, June 8, 2015

Best Harness for a Dog That Pulls

Do you have a dog that pulls you along when you try to walk her on a leash? We certainly do and when she was a puppy, that was a big problem. As she got bigger, the pulling became a huge problem. We solved it with what we've found to be the best harness for a dog that pulls.

Found it! The Easy-Walk Harness, the best harness for a dog that pulls.

Our dog, Daisy, loves to take long walks, but she prefers to lead and leading by pulling is a definite no-no when it comes to taking a dog of any size for a walk. In the case of now 85-pound Daisy, our yellow Labrador retriever, she didn't just lead, she pulled. Hard.

Her pulling, even as a puppy, hurt both her neck and our arms, shoulders, and backs. We even tried to avoid the neighbors and their comments about the dog taking us for a walk instead of the other way around. Finally, we found our solution to the dog-walking debacle, the Easy Walk harness that helps us lead our dog and gently keeps her from pulling.

I'm happy to say that with Daisy's Easy Walk harness, we are now her "gentle leader" and we all look forward to her daily walks.

Hard to believe a little puppy can pull so hard! This is Daisy at 6 weeks.
Hard to believe that this tiny, adorable yellow Lab puppy could progress so quickly to become a 75-pound adult who could just about pull our arms off when we walked her.

Now, I'm not saying that I blame Daisy for the pulling problem; she's an active, curious dog. We should have gotten help sooner than we did with training her to walk properly on a leash without pulling. One friend recommended a prong collar, but it seemed more like an instrument of torture and we just hated using it. It took some time and a good friend's recommendation before we found the perfect harness, the one that we've used ever since.

The Best Solution for a Dog That Pulls: The Premier Easy Walk Harness

One day my friend Tracy mentioned that she and her daughter were using the Easy Walk harness for their dogs, Bella and Lucy, and they really liked it. She knew that I was having an issue with Daisy's pulling when we walked, so she suggested we try it.

Looking back, I should have ordered it that very minute, but I just didn't get around to it for awhile. Eventually, though, I read more information about the Easy Walk harness and knew that, indeed, we should try it. It was an immediate success, as you'll see in the videos below. Even now, at age seven, Daisy is happy with her harness and can't wait for Dad to take her for her walk!

Video: Learning to Walk With the Easy Walk Harness

We had to learn to handle the new harness, too, since the leash connects in the front, but it didn't take long.

As you will see from the videos below, the Easy Walk Harness is designed to gently lead your dog by discouraging her from pulling. The chest strap of the harness rests across the breastbone rather than in the area of the trachea, so it won't cause choking or coughing when the dog does pull. Any attempt at pulling actually redirects the dog to face you rather than pull away.

Below are our videos from the first time "Dad" tried walking Daisy with the Easy Walk harness, just minutes after we put it on her for the first time. Notice how when she tries to pull ahead, the leash gently guides her back towards Dad. No jerking, just a gentle guiding motion. We were absolutely shocked that she adjusted to the harness and the new configuration so quickly and easily.

He had to adjust to keeping her on the same side, where before we would have a tendency to let her take the lead in where she wanted to go. He controlled her much better than I did simply because of his greater strength, but she still would get the upper hand with sudden movements. This new harness put an end to all of that - immediately! Notice the slack in the leash as they turn together. Beautiful!

Watch and you'll see how quickly she settled into the comfort of being gently led. I'm still amazed!

There are other front-leading dog harnesses on the market now, and likely most work well. We've stayed with the Easy Walk because there's been no reason to switch. It's still the perfect solution and, we think, the best harness for a dog that pulls. We're proud of how well Daisy walks on a leash now and we no longer avoid the neighbors. In fact, they're impressed, too!

Do you have a dog that pulls? If so, we highly recommend ordering an Easy Walk harness. Odds are, both you and the dog will love it!


  1. The Easy Walk harness looks like a great solution for a dog who pulls. Much easier on both the human walker and the dog. :) Happy 'Love your pet Day'.

    1. This human agrees - the harness is much better for when I do the walking! Happy "Love your pet day" to you, too, and thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Valentino grew out of his Easy Walk harness but it served us well for awhile. I have yet to find a harness he cannot wriggle out of but thankfully those times are rare, as are his pulls. He walks pretty well now, thankfully. And unless he sees a kitty cat!

    1. In Daisy's case it's usually a squirrel! Sorry Valentino grew out of his Easy Walk, but very glad that he learned lessons about walking from his awesome handler! Thanks for stopping by, Ruth!

  3. Replies
    1. Awesome! Congratulations to you and your precious pup!

  4. Oh, wow! Susan, we definitely need these harnesses! Our lab is pretty active too and now that I am a wee bit older, it kinda hurts (actually really hurts) when he yanks me around. It has caused me to be a lot less inclined to take him for walks and I leave that to his "daddy" now. The videos were great for showing me exactly what you were talking about. Thank you!

    1. Cynthia, I was totally amazed that Daisy responded to the harness so quickly, immediately really once her "daddy" got the hang of what to do. The configuration simply works for her and I'm guessing it'll work for your guy, too. Hope so! That pulling is no fun at all.