Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Pick Strawberries Day!

Pick Strawberries Day is celebrated on May 20th. In 2015, this special occasion falls on a Wednesday. In 2016 we'll celebrate on a Friday.

Pick Strawberries Day is today, May 20th.

Here's one of mine, from my backyard garden. Hope you have a strawberry to pick today, too.

I'll enjoy my strawberries au naturel, straight out of the garden. How will you enjoy yours?


  1. That strawberry's a real beauty, Susan! Thanks so much for introducing me to this lovely holiday.

  2. Wasn't that a pretty strawberry? I'm very happy to have plants that are producing this season (though they could use a bit more sunshine right now!). You're welcome about the holiday. Feel free to celebrate it any day the opportunity to pick strawberries presents itself!