Saturday, March 14, 2015

Liar, Liar, Pantsuit's on Fire

(From the Sassy Susan blog, March 27, 2008)

Where Hillary Clinton goes, lies tend to follow. Here's a flashback to Bosnia in 1996, with a recent update - and more lies.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton went to Bosnia in 1996. She speaks about it often. And embellishes the experience every time she brings it up.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. What are we going to do about you?

How about one final embellished version of the story.

(Update, March 14, 2015): Oh, my. The more things change - they don't really change at all, do they. Except for, of course, the faces presenting the nightly news.

Photo above from a different visit to Bosnia, February 4, 2011, from Flickr (CC by 2.0)


  1. I think the ability for anyone to make a video is changing the world and will eventually make it easier to hold politicians accountable for what they say. Even though you used official videos, I know people in my own community are making their own videos of campaign speeches and and public meetings here on the local level and keeping them in case they are ever needed to hold anyone accountable.

  2. I appreciate your input, Barb. Things really are different these days with the Internet and ease of making/publishing videos. There's been a lack of accountability for a long time, so this is a really good development. Thanks so much!