Monday, January 5, 2015

Sassy Meets Sweet

Last night I dreamed I met Shirley Temple. Photo from Wikimedia Commons - public domain
Last night I dreamed I met Shirley Temple.

It was really the grown-up Mrs. Shirley Temple Black, who just celebrated her 80th birthday this week*. In the dream there was a small gathering, maybe a dinner. Shirley wore blue, looked beautiful, and appeared very spry. I met her, wished her happy birthday and we chatted a bit (don’t remember what we said but it was fan-to-idol kind of talk – I was the fan) and then the dream moved on to something about guinea hens in the backyard and where was my dog and other things that had nothing to do with each other (it was a dream, after all).

I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and always loved her determination and sweetness, which put together I would call “feistiness.” I think Shirley must be that way in real life. In fact, having run for Congress and then serving as a United States Ambassador those qualities would likely have been a requirement, along with huge doses of intellect and diplomacy.

Feisty is the sweet version of sassy. I think if we met in real life, Feisty Shirley and Sassy Susan would get along very, very well.

*This article was first published April 25, 2008 on Shirley Temple Black passed away February 10, 2014.

Photo in the public domain, from Wikimedia Commons


  1. Your dreams are as crazy as mine, Susan. Wishing your dream to meet Shirley Temple could have been a true experience for you.

    I of course know who Shirley Temple is but I've never seen any of her movies, believe it or not. (I might have as a child, I suppose.)

  2. Oh, Brenda, you must watch at least one Shirley Temple movie! I vote for The Little Princess first.
    Glad to know someone besides me has such crazy dreams!