Friday, April 25, 2014

Jase ... or Jesus?

Did I see Jase Robertson or did I see Jesus?
I saw a man in Walmart today who looked like Jase Robertson (from Duck Dynasty). He was browsing the video bin in the middle of the back aisle, between electronics and shoes, and I saw him as I was pushing my shopping cart in that direction. (I needed to buy cat food for Oreo and the pet department is just beyond the shoe department.)

The man's side was turned towards me and his head was bent. Being cool, I managed not to screech to a halt and join him at the bin, pretending to be looking for a movie, though thinking back on it that's exactly what I should have done. At the time, however, all I could picture was myself rudely shoving my face in his face to get a better look.

He wasn't dressed in camo, so it probably wasn't Jase. And I'm pretty sure Jase is taller. In fact, I just looked it up online and read that Jase is 6' 2", so that must be right, and this guy was definitely shorter. Besides, why would Jase Robertson be shopping for bargain DVD's at Walmart in Greenwood, Arkansas? Granted, we're only a few hours' drive from West Monroe, but there have to be, oh, maybe 80 Walmart stores between here and there, where Jase lives.

Sure did look like him, though. His hair was the right length, beard looked about the same, and he was slim and trim, just like the real Jase.

You know what bothered me about this strange encounter? I mean after my heartbeat went back to normal and I regained my composure? Up until a few months ago when I became a Duck Dynasty fan, if I had seen that man in Walmart or anywhere else, I would have thought he looked like Jesus. I kind of wish that thought had popped into my mind today.

Now, I suppose that it might be more likely that I'll run into Jase in the flesh sooner than I'll run into Jesus in the flesh, at least on this Earth, though I'm counting on the Jesus encounter at some point in the future, for sure. And as much as I admire the Robertson family and wouldn't mind meeting any of them, my life is already complete because I know I really will see Jesus one day.

When I do see Him, I'm not sure Jesus will have long hair and a beard, the way most people picture him. I know that when I meet Him, though, my heart likely will be beating even faster than it did during today's mysterious encounter.

I wasn't ready to meet Jase today, but I'm ready to meet Jesus wherever he chooses to make an appearance, even if I am in Walmart at the time, between electronics and shoes.

P.S.  I really am a Duck Dynasty fan.  In fact, I recently wrote this review of the new book, The Women of Duck Commander.

Photo by State Farm CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


  1. I'm not a fan of Duck Dynasty (I've actually never watched the show.) but I sure am a fan of Jesus and absolutely loved every word of your article!

  2. Thanks, Ruthi, I'm very happy to know that! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. Great, very well written, post Susan!

  4. Thank you, Carol. I really appreciate that.