Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gardening (Redux)

I read an article about gardening this morning and I feel inspired.
(The following is an article I published back in April 2006, almost eight years ago. Funny that my mind is still traveling in the same circles: Other than the fact that I'm seriously considering not having a garden this year, I could have written this today.)

I read an article about gardening this morning and I feel inspired. Combine that with the beautiful day we have outside and I just might not get much work done today!

The article I read suggested a really easy way to plant vegetables just by using a good bag of soil, poking some holes in for drainage, flipping it over, watering well, then planting the plant right through a nice hole in the bag. Hmm. That sounds simple enough.

Have you ever grown a tomato plant upside down? I found an article about that online a couple of years ago and go back to it about this time each spring, but I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe this will be the year. You start with a five-gallon bucket, drill a hole in the bottom... well, it would be easier if you read it yourself, so here’s the link. I think it would be fun, and I can think of nothing I crave more in the summertime than a REAL, home-grown tomato. I still think West Virginia, where I was born, has the best tomatoes. Of course eating vegetables out of my mammaw’s garden, with family all around, made everything taste the best!

Speaking of my mammaw, have you ever eaten pink pickled eggs? It’s almost Easter and time for that memory, but maybe I’ll save it for another day, another blog entry. For now, I think I need to go find a good bag of soil and a five-gallon bucket.

Happy planting!

(Wondering about those pink pickled eggs? You can read about them here.)

Garden photo by barry pousman on Flickr via Creative Commons


  1. Home grown tomatoes are the best. I am very lucky that my parents have always grown them and I get a lovely supply each year because green-fingered I am not! I love to eat them whole with a touch of salt which I know is not particularly healthy but it tastes so very good.

  2. And it sounds so very good! I agree, you can't beat a home grown tomato. Thanks, Marie!