Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The First Dandelion of the Season

First dandelion of the season. From
Daisy and I were just outside in the back yard finishing up filling the bird feeders, carrying the seed can back to the porch, when a tiny, bright-yellow blob in the grass caught my eye. I stopped, looked, and lo and behold, it's the first dandelion of spring. Isn't it beautifully perfect? And perfectly beautiful, too.

It's the last week of February and 38 degrees out there right now, but the sun has been shining brightly all day and I guess that's all it took to bring out the bloom.

Glad I was able to find it again after I came inside to grab the camera. Funny that the brown stuff in the picture is what we'd rather see in the yard - it's the grass, dormant for now. The green stuff, underneath the grass, is weeds which we'll be fighting soon enough. Until then, though, I'll be watching for more perfect little yellow flowers like this one, blossoms full of sunshine that bless my soul on a cold, winter's day.

Dandelion photo property


  1. That's looks like a sure peek of spring to me! :) (And good, clear photo)

    You know some people eat dandelions in their salads... it seems like it'd be kind of bitter to me, but I don't know?? I guess I could pour LOTS of dressing on top and it might be fine. tee hee!

  2. I just love the way the photo turned out! I guess my macro lens works better than anything else on my camera. As for eating dandelions, we could feast during the springtime most years, I'm sorry to say, but I've never been brave enough to try it. You're right - a good dressing covers a multitude of bitterness!

  3. " - a good dressing covers a multitude of bitterness!"

    That sounds like a good blog subject right there! I can think of a lot of directions it could go in.
    Susan, I love your blog! Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us in the world.

  4. Peggy, thank you so much! You're right, that dressing statement would make a good blog topic! I appreciate your encouragement, always.