Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sudden Death: Are You Prepared?

Sudden death. Are you ready? Sunset photo by
One of our church members went to bed the other night as usual. Next morning, he woke up in Heaven. Sometime during the night, the Lord had called him home.

His family is confused and in shock. No one expected a healthy former firefighter to just suddenly die. When everyone arrives for church services tomorrow and his usual seat is vacant, some will wonder where he is then learn of his passing for the first time. Likely tears will be shed, but even more likely people will ask, "How could that have happened?"

Every week we're reminded that any day, any moment could be our last. But when it happens suddenly to someone we know, it's still hard to believe and even harder to understand.

Wonderful memories will sustain this family, along with knowing that their husband and father knew the Lord as his Savior and that he's sitting in Heaven now, or walking around singing praises to the King of Kings. It'll be hard not seeing him every day, but at least the family has that blessed assurance to catch them when their grief causes them to fall.

Do you have it, the blessed assurance that Jesus is yours? If you don't know or you're not sure, here's a really good page to read that explains how to become a Christian. There's plenty of information within that site about Christian living but if you need more help, please leave a comment or seek out a pastor or Christian friend.

Just make sure that you're prepared before you go to bed tonight so that you can rest, assured.

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