Thursday, January 2, 2014

10 Things To Do When the Power Is Out

Crochet, knitting, or working on other craft projects is one thing do do when the power is out. Here are nine more.
Recently our area suffered an ice storm and resulting power outage which, for many, lasted several days. Talk about boredom! Three days without television, lights, Facebook, and even telephone communication for many was almost too much to take. In case it happens to you, here's a list of 10 things to do when the power is out.

1. Read. You might need paper books for this if your Kindle's battery wasn't charged up in advance.

2. Crochet, knit, or work on other craft projects. Which reminds me, I need to finish the scarf I started during our storm.

3. Organize the pantry. Having no power and little else to do, why not empty out the pantry, throw out the old stuff, and organize the rest? You might even find something in there to eat that you forgot you had. Just remember to check those expiration dates.

4. Write a letter. Remember letters? Bet you know a grandma or aunt who still prefers real mail over email.

5. Play board games or put together jigsaw puzzles. Best done during the day when there's more light. (Playing Chinese checkers by candlelight proved to be a little tough on our eyes.)

6. Have the kids keep a journal of their experience living like pioneers. Save it and read it to them in six months. Bet the experience won't sound half as bad as it seemed at the time. In fact, power outages are great opportunities to create family memories and stories that will be repeated for years.

7. Feed the birds. If the power's out because of ice or snow, remember that the birds might be having a problem finding food. If you have bird seed, remember to keep the feeders full. Put out fresh water if it's available, too. Our neighborhood birds didn't mind bathing in frigid water at all as our ice finally melted.

8. Exercise. Moving generates warmth, so run in place, do jumping jacks, or otherwise get your body moving.

9. Take a nap. If you can't get out, might as well catch on all that sleep you've been complaining about missing. If you're napping with a partner, you might want to take note of this report of what could happen nine months later.

10. Make a list of everything you wish you would have done ahead of time to prepare for a major power outage (buy a generator, stock up on paper plates and food that doesn't need cooking). Then follow up on your list so next time, you'll be ready.

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  1. It rather makes me wish for a power outage, though not from ice! All great ideas Susan.

  2. Thank you, Merrci! You could just turn off the lights and pretend! Actually, that sounds kind of fun. Our power didn't go out this weekend after all, but we did have a nice fire in the fireplace and kept the lights dim and it was very cozy.